Friday, January 6, 2012

Strawberry Bread & Criss Cross Card

 Tweaked a Strawberry Bread recipe found online to make this.

 Here is my No Waste Criss Cross card, a "quick and easy" and "interactive" card. The dog stamp is from Michael Strong's Mini Cloissone Pets set.

Click HERE for the No Waste Criss Cross tutorial. Scroll down to the section called: A no waste criss cross fold!!!

Have fun checking the variations of the Criss Cross Card:
Standard Criss Cross Card
Half Sheet Criss Cross Card
Vertical Criss Cross Card
Revamped Criss Cross Card 1
Revamped Criss Cross Card 2

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  1. mmmm strawberry bread; now that's really different and I best really tasty too. Fresh with lashing of butter. Also might imagine it toasted for breakfast with a lovely coffee. Neat card and matching envelope Laura.


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