Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Diaper Burp Cloth

Here are the first three diaper burp cloths I made for Emily and John's soon to arrive baby boy!
I used Lauren's Burp Cloth Tutorial  from her blog, The Thinking Closet.
Really liked the way she overlapped the decorative fabric on the short ends of the diaper.
After preshrinking the Gerber prefolded diapers, I ironed them flat.
It is worth the trouble because you won't have puckers when you sew the decorative fabric on top.
Using some kids pattern fabric scraps from my stash, I cut strips 7 inches wide by 20 inches long.
Basically you want to measure your diaper and cut your fabric 1" wider and 2" longer
than the area you are covering.
Press a 1/2 inch hem around all edges.
Pin the fabric to the center of the diaper equally distributing the fabric.
The short ends will extend over the ends of the diaper.
Fold and pin one of those short ends. This is the first place you will sew.
Stitch close to the edge of decorative fabric.
Turn to the right side, where your strip of decorative fabric is centered on the diaper.
Sew one side, then the next, keeping the diaper and fabric taut and stitching close to edge of fabric.
Wrap the end of the decorative fabric around to the back.
Pin in place and stitch, and you are done!

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Hetty said...

These are so handy! And they look wonderful too.