Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ninja Turtle Hats

I am "into" Ninja Turtles...well, actually Ninja Turtle Hats! My younger daughter used to love the Ninja turtles. Making these hats has brought back sweet memories!

Used Alli's Toddler earflap hat, without making the earflaps, for this green and blue Leonardo hat. It's for our neighbor, Brandon. I used post stitches in the last 2 rows.
The pattern for these eyes are from Jennifer Reaves Knottz of Yarn blog
My neighbor shared this link with me. Jennifer also has a hat/beanie pattern. I used Alli's hat patterns because I was more familiar with them and she had more size variations. 

The pattern for the eyes in the orange section above are from Monica's Chucks For Chancho blog.
Monica has a great method for changing colors, with a great photo tutorial. 
Used Alli's 6 month baby earflap hat for this green and orange hat, except without the earflaps.

Here is our little grandson, Gavin, wearing his Leonardo hat. 
I tend to make things too large, as you can see. 
Maybe I should rip out a row?

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1 comment:

Hetty said...

ra, these hats are totally adorable. You did a great job!
When Gavin is a littleolder he can watch all the reruns of the Ninja Turtles.
He looks pretty awesome wearing his hat.