Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dust Mop Pattern and My Cleaning Buddy

Made this dust mop head for my Libman mop
using fleece scraps.
I wanted a machine washable dust mop instead of the disposable type.

My pattern consists of 3 main pieces:
bottom: 9 x 22 inches
lining: 7 x 18 inches
and 2 short ends/flaps 6-1/2 x 7 inches. 
The mop will slip into pockets formed by these 2 pieces
Above photo shows the layering of the pieces:
largest on bottom
lining centered on top of that
side pieces matching ends of lining.

The inner edge of the 2 small side pieces should be zig zagged or serged separately
before you layer all the pieces.
The"As" mark the spots in the photo.
The short ends are folded over twice then sewn together with a zig zag stitch
as shown by the "Bs" in the photo.

 Trim the corners as shown to reduce bulk.
Then on long side fold over once, pin and  and topstitch to secure.
Your fleece dust mop head is done!
Wasn't that quick and easy!

Now I am ready for my little helper, Gavin.

He has been busy practicing at home.

 He even cleans under the stove.

Hooray, I have a cleaning buddy!


Diane Bouse said...

Great idea and such a cute helper

Hetty said...

I love how Gavin helps you around the house. He loves the new and handy made mop!