Friday, February 3, 2017

Painting a Lady Face in my Art Journal

A great big thanks to Amy Joy Johnson aka HapaChicCreative for her
Amy gives wonderful directions for using Jane Davenport's portrait paints and face stencil.
I'm so happy I gave this a try...and glad to have used this paint kit on the actual day I bought it!
So many times my supplies go into my stash and sit there unused!
This is my second "entry" in my art journal, a Canson 5.5 x 8.5 inch with 138 lb. paper.
I applied gesso ahead of time. I used a stabilio pencil to "draw" in the stencil lines, 
whereas Amy used a Derwent Inktense pencil.

Here you can see my work area with my iPad nearby
so I could watch Amy's YouTube over and over.

 The aqua brush was included with Jane's paint and stencil kit.
Also used brushes from my stash.

Here are the paints I used. I forgot to include a photo of Dina's Ruby red paint.

This paint tray pallette worked well. For the black outline/definition I put a dab of black paint on the top of this pallette and thinned it with a little water. Used it to accent the lines on the face, including around the eyes, the eyelashes, nose, mouth and eyebrows. I don't have Jane's mermaid  brush markers for the hair so I used Dina's Lapis blue mixed with some Liquitex Basics titanium white and Dina's Ruby red for the strips on the shirt. Don't have the white PITT pen to add highlights. Next time will try to use white acrylic paint for that.

This was very fun and relaxing to try make this face with Jane Davenport's stencil.
Thanks for visiting!


Diane Bouse said...

Looks like fun. Love the stripes and blue hair.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Looks like you had a blast- how awesome! I went to Michaels, and the rack was cleaned out of her, I will have to go another day. Great to know there are video's on You Tube in case I do indulge...!