Sunday, January 27, 2019

January 26 Drawing Fest with Grace

My sister Grace and I had lots of fun drawing yesterday.
Grace has done watercolors before but today she was experimenting with coloring pencils.
Grace used coloring pencils
She sketched this lady face using a Jane Davenport face as a guide.

Grace used coloring pencils
Then she drew this scene relying on a picture she found as her guide.

Left: I used oil pastels; Right: I used JD Magic Wand pencils (coloring pencils)
I drew these lady faces.
I'm always trying to improve, but I see that my faces always have that same "look".
Maybe I am drawing the same person over and over again, LOL!
The main thing is that we both enjoyed the process, had lot of laughs 
and had so much fun drawing together!

Thanks for visiting!
May your day be a happy one!


Rosie Guiher said...

I think you both did awesome! Your girls to me look different. Love the eyes! Are these by the lady that has stamps of faces?? I have seen them at our Pat Catan's.

Diane Bouse said...

Good Job both of you. I think we tend to draw things the same way unless we challenge ourselves. Think it has something to do with how we perceive things.