Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meet My Australian Friends

On a wonderful trip to Australia a few months ago, my husband and I met with three of my online stamping friends: Carole, Lola, and Eileen. Here are photos of our time together.

Carole and I are enjoying a cuppa at the cafe in the Museum of Contemporary Art.
We were served this lovely Flat White.

Cafe balcony with Harbour Bridge in the background

Outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Carole, Don and I spent the beautiful day walking in Sydney. 

Robbie and Lola took us sightseeing in the Snowy Mountains.
 This is Thredbo, the ski resort. Kids were taking their bicycles up the ski lift then riding down the paths.
Lola and me
That's Lake Jindabyne in the background
which is part of the Snowy Mountain Scheme-
a system of dams and tunnels to create hydroelectric power.

Robbie & the resident bird at the lobby of our hotel.

What a tame and beautiful bird.
Later that day we had a delicious dinner at the Alpine Hotel Restaurant.
Then we were invited back to their house for coffee. A beautiful day from beginning to end.

Eileen and Michael took us sight seeing in the Perth area.
Here we are waiting for our Fish and Chips at Cicerellos
on the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

Eileen and me
Michael drove us to Kings Park that evening. Amazing view of Perth.

Eileen drove us to Perth the next day. Here we are at the Western Australian Museum.

...and the beautiful old Post Office in Perth.
Eileen and Michael had appetizers and champagne at their house before they took us to the Commodore Chinese Restaurant in their town of Forrestfield. So nice to meet Meredith and Bill. Meredith is also a member of the yahoo stamping group Enjoy Michael Strong Stamps.

Our trip to Australia and New Zealand was the trip of a lifetime. 
Being able to meet online friends, made it extra special!


  1. My comments are. I want a place in my town where I can get a coffee like that!, What is the big rock at the museum? and I want to work in that PO, mine doesn't look like that.

  2. ...I too have wonderful memories of our day spent at Circular Quay alongside of Sydney Harbour. It was so lovely to meet with you both.

  3. Laura, what wonderful photo's.
    Nice to see some faces to the names that are in the Michael Strong Stamp-group.
    And it is always fun to meet up with members!


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