Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Newborn Baby Gowns

I'm sewing baby gowns again! My daughter Emily is expecting a baby girl in January 2017. She liked the newborn gowns I made for Gavin. They are nice when changing baby in the middle of the night!
I used Rachel's Overlap Shoulder Newborn Gown pattern that she so generously shared on her blog, Stitched Together.
I used the Stretch n Sew "chanel trim" method for the neckline.


 I cut the 2 strips in Rachel's pattern a little wider, 1.75" wide (instead of the 1.5 inch).
Pinned the strip to the RIGHT side, folded it to the wrong side, 
pinned itthen "stitched in the ditch" from the RIGHT side
removing pins before sewing.
It is very easy and looks nice, I think.
Thanks again, to Rachel at Stitched Together for sharing her expertise and pattern for this quick and easy gown pattern!

You can see the gown I made for Baby Gavin here.


rachel said...

Aw they are awesome! Your daughter is so lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful mom! Thanks so much for choosing my pattern. Your gowns are the sweetest! 💓

Diane Bouse said...

Great job. I know Emily appreciates these.