Friday, May 4, 2018

Dinosaur Tails and Spikes

It's dino sewing time here. I made these dinosaur tails for our three grandchildren.

When I learned that dinosaurs are the theme for Gavin's 3rd birthday I just had to make these...
one for Gavin, one for his sister Vivian and one for his cousin Alex. I'm afraid Gavin may be the only one who will actually wear the dino tail. Vivian is 15 months and Alex is almost 1 year old.

I used parts of both of these tutorials to sew these dinosaur tails:
Jessica's Running With Scissors blog post
Carol's A Crafty Cat blog post

I took this photo for my own reference in case I want to make more of these later!

Drew the tail pattern similar to Carol's using the fold of the fabric.
Added my strip of 5 spikes to the cut side, sewing them in when I sewed that seam.

Cut 2 rectangles 4" wide by 12" long for the straps. With iron, press in half as a guide for adding a 1" x 10" strip of fusible interfacing to the wrong side. After sewing, turning and pressing the straps, pin evenly to sides of tail. The spikes will be the top of the tail.

Cut a 7" circle and pin it to tail, right sides together. You will be pinning the circle over the straps, which should be pinned down. You can machine baste if you wish.  Divide the tail opening and the circle into quarters, marking with a pin. This makes it was easier to match and sew. You need to leave an opening to add fiberfill.

Sew the 6" strip of Velcro to each strap before you fill tail. Test out the overlap so you sew the Velcro on the correct sides where straps will join.

Hand stitch the opening in the circle after you have stuffed the tail with fiberfill.

Now for another dino project...
I added the green felt spikes on Gavin's birthday shirt after seeing
Larissa Another Day blog post 
showing how to add dino spikes/scales to a top that is already made.

Cut diamond shapes from felt. I just made my own diamond pattern-
you can see the diamond folded in half in the picture of the red felt spikes.
I made a second, smaller pattern to cut fusible interfacing for the inside of the spikes.
After fusing, mark the center and sew along center back.
So EASY!! I'm hoping the felt will survive the washing machine!

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Diane Bouse said...

Just way too cute. Love that you put spikes on thet shirt too.