Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Booklet of the Day

on two card sized sticker booklets that I made for my grandchildren.
The penguins are "walking" on blue ice made with some swirls drawn in blue.
I made these quickly on Monday when two of our three grandchildren came to visit.

I bound the pages together with bakers twine, 
punching 3 holes in the center about 1 inch down from the edges.
You can see a diagram HERE with directions that I learned from Hetty Sanders' booklet.

Both Gavin and Vivian had fun adding stickers to their booklets.
They left the booklets here. We can play with more stickers when they come on Saturday!

Thanks for visiting me this week. 
It was fun sharing cards with members of the Enjoy Michael Strong Stamps
Have a great week end!


Hetty said...

Perfect booklet for the grandkids, Laura. I am sure they have loved playing with it and now they look for more! Such a great idea.
The penguin up front is adorable with the water and their name added. Happy Weekend and thanks for a wonderful week of inspiration.

Margaret Klitch said...

Laura, you are such a clever grandma! What a great idea cuz kids sure do like stickers. Thanks for a wonderful week of ideas and instructions. Loved it! Peg

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wonderful week of cards Laura! Your work is very inspirational!