Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Crocheted Bunny Lovey

Finished crocheting 2 Bunny Loveys just in time for Easter
I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in
white, light country blue, grey heather, soft pink.
For the eyes I used scrap acrylic black yarn.
I had a hard time making the arms, so I switched to a size "G" hook for that.
The pattern called for a size "H" hook, which worked great for the rest.
Made my granny square with 2 chain stitches on the corners.
Did not add a chain between the 3 double crochet groups on the sides of the square.
Also, to prevent the square from being lopsided
I turn the piece over after each row, when starting the new row.
Wish I knew this tip a year ago. That granny square afghan came out a little lopsided.
The bunny lovey on the left has this picot edge-3 chain picots with two stitches between each.
For the right one, I just added a row of single crochet for the edge.

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Carolee said...

How cute are those little bunnies! Someone is going to have a very Happy Easter. You are just so talented!
Happy Easter to you!

Diane Bouse said...

Super cute. Nice job.