Saturday, April 25, 2015

Circle Blouse

Finished this circle blouse just in time for our friend's special birthday party tonight!
Made the pants, too, but this post is about the top.
I also referred to Golden Needles Designs blog  for placement of the "side seam" stitching.

 I like how Naomi added a band to the neckline. I used a thin woven polyester fabric which tended to fray.

Recently I made Golden Needles' butterfly blouse with cotton fabric but the sleeves did not flow nicely. The directions on her blog said to use a fabric that draped. My bad! Also Golden's method of folding under the neckline was tedious. Was afraid it would be difficult with a fabric that frays. 

I was thrilled to sew a narrow hem on the edges of my circle blouse with my serger. I didn't have special thread. Just used regular serger thread and it worked fine!  I found support for sewing the hem on Sew Mama Sew as well as my serger manual, which is another story...I cannot find my manual, but did find a 39 page PDF file online, so that is printed and in a binder! It has a nice chart for Rolled, Hem, Picot Edge and Narrow Hem.


Diane Bouse said...

Great top. Such a fantastic smile on a pretty lady.

Hetty said...

Wonderful,Laura! You look great in this. Pretty material.