Friday, April 24, 2015

Overlap Shoulder Newborn Gown

I made an Overlap Shoulder Newborn Gown with a free pattern from Rachel at Stitched Together.
I think this was slightly faster than Virginia Lindsay's Gingercake gown pattern.
However, both are really quick, easy and fun to make.
I used left over print fabric for the front, and solid white fabric for the back.
We have to wait to see which neckline is preferred by the mommy and daddy, when baby arrives.
We are jumping each time the phone rings. What a joyful time!!!

I used the old Stretch n Sew "chanel trim" method for the neckline.
Sewed the 1.5 inch wide strip to the RIGHT side,
folded it to the wrong side, pinned it
then "stitched in the ditch" from the RIGHT side, removing pins before sewing.
It is very easy and looks nice, I think.

a closer view

See the inside part of the gown where the trim has been folded over.
This stitching is done from the other side...the right side.

 This is the front. You can see faint stitching on the left. The stitching is done right in the seam line
hence, "stitch in the ditch".
The stitching line is barely visible.

When I sew seams in knit fabrics, I always stretch the fabric a bit.
Then I either stitch another row, half way to the edge of the fabric or serge the edge.
Most of the time I use a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
For the sleeve hem I pressed under the 1/2 inch hem before sewing the gown side seams.
You can sew the sleeve hem first, while the fabric is flat if you wish.
I like the more finished look of sewing the side seams first.
Rachel from Stitched Together and Virginia Lindsay from Gingercake
for so generously sharing their newborn gown patterns!


Diane Bouse said...

Great job. Looks store bought, but with love.

Laura said...
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rachel said...

That is just adorable! I love it! <3

Hetty said...

Too cute! I will look at the template too!